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PrivacyLink chain link fence fabric

Discount Fence Supply, Inc. is the leading supplier for PrivacyLink slats, the only source of chain link fabric pre-inserted with privacy slats. This convenient fence fabric has been installed at IBM, Procter & Gamble, Wendy's, Staples, U.S. Airforce, Naval Bases, Schools, Padres Stadium, Embassy's, and more big-name compaines, as well as backyards belonging to the average homeowner.

Why privacy slats for your chain link fence? If you think about what provides your family with a sense of security in your home at night, it’s when the drapes are drawn and no one can see in. Privacy slats provide this same comfort. Slats are pre-woven into the wire to give you a fast method of protecting your home.

When you start adding the cost of chain link fabric, the cost of privacy slats, and the cost of outside labor (or your own time), you'll find that you actually save money when you purchase the completed slat fabric.

Why buy PrivacyLink from Discount Fence? Our prices are lower than any other company. If you recive a lower price quote, just give us a call and we guarantee that we will beat that price. Don't believe us? Put us to the test! Call Discount Fence Supply, 1-800-878-7829!

PrivacyLink: the new standard
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